New single released – Virtuality

Dan has just released Virtuality, a new single from his upcoming EP, Edgyometry. This is a song about compromises to humanity posed by trendy technology. Also produced by Scott Mathews, Virtuality features Dan on lead and rhythm guitarist, trumpet, and vocals. Scott plays drums, bass, organ, and a mean slide guitar lick in the bridge. Listen carefully to the end of the song. You’ll hear an ambulance in the background. That isn’t some weird sound effect. A very loud ambulance was really passing by the studio during the drum take.

Listen here to the whole song, which will be here for a week. Also, stream it on Spotify or download it at CD Baby.

Are losing your connection to reality today?

Are the Joneses that you kept up with now moving far away?

That endless cyber highway has really messed your mind.

Choking you with choices that the cavemen left behind.


Well it’s so hard to be in the know all the time.

Your image takes you over and messes up your mind.

Oh it’s so hard to say — return to Earth again.


Are you losing your direction in Virtuality?

Has your vain and fickle nature finally brought you to your knees?

Pledging service to the server sounded great until you tried

To keep your fragile self from getting swept up by the tide.


Mr. Hypemeister man, chasing gadgets in the rain.

Tell me, what’s the chance you will catch them all again?

Mr. cool cyber man with your pipeline to the wind,

Blowing out your candle to do it all again


Make all your appliances dumb again today

You don’t need a processor to tell you what to say

Maybe then you’ll find a way to humanity

Knocking down the altar of smart technology.


Well it’s so hard to be in the know all the time

Your image takes you over and messes up your mind

Oh it’s so hard to say — return to Earth again

Blowing out your candle until the bitter end


Dan performs live on TheEdgeofInsanity Show

On Sunday November 5, 2017, Dan’s appeared on comedian Paul Brumbaugh’s radio show, The EdgeOfInsanity.  Listen here to Dan’s interview and performance. Dan plays a new song live, talks about the upcoming EP Edgeometry and previews a couple of tracks from it, Virtuality and Silver Moon. Also on the show is Patrick Carlin, comedian, author, and brother of the late, great George Carlin, Listen here to excerpts from the podcast:

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