Dan’s song will appear in the TV crime show Animal Kingdom this summer.

Animal Kingdom is a very popular crime family show on TNT and Amazon Prime. Its first four seasons starred Ellen Barkin. It’s 5th season is due to be broadcast in Summer 2021. Dan’s song Product City will appear in the 11th episode – exact date still to be announced.

Product City is a song that Dan wrote and performed as a member of British Wire Gauge, an 80s punk and new wave band that rocked the SF Bay Area. Dan was helped on the writing by his BWG bandmates Steve Wolff, Adrian Roscher, and Sholom Acklesberg. All four play on it: Dan on vocals and lead guitar, Steve on the guitar that plays the signature riff, Adrian on bass, and Sholom on drums.

Stay tuned for another post when the broadcast date is announced.