Interviews and Recognition

YOUTUBE 2022: In 2022, Dan’s channel had 4,817 views and 4,710 watch time minutes


An interview with Dan appeared in Volatile Magazine in December 2022.

Another interview appeared in Authority Magazine on January 30, 2023.

RADIO PLAY: In November and December 2022, Dan’s album Emotionality was added to the libraries of radio stations in 33 different towns and cities and played on their shows. Dan thanks these station for their support (the ones with asterisks played it the most):

WMUH in Allentown, PA

WERA in Arlington VA

WAHS in Auburn Hills, MI

WEGL in Auburn, AL

WDWN in Auburn, NY *

WXAV in Chicago, IL

WWSU in Dayton, OH

KWVA in Eugene, OR

KRFF in Fargo, ND

WMUL in Huntington, W Va

WIUP in Indiana, PA

WLJS in Jacksonville, AL

WLTL in LaGrange, IL *

KRUX in Las Cruces, NM,

WRRC in Lawrenceville, NJ

WSUM in Madison, WI

KMSC in Moorhead, MN

WODU in Norfolk VA

KPSU in Portland OR

WSCA in Portsmouth, NH *

WXIN in Providence, RI *

KNNN in Redding, CA

WDCE in Richmond VA *

WRRG in River Grove IL

WXOU in Rochester, MI

WSPN in Saratoga Springs, NY

CHMR in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

KWUR in St. Louis MO

WHUS in Storrs CT

KUWS in Superior WI

KAMP in Tuscon AZ

WWUH West Hartford, CT *

CJUM in Winnipeg Manitoba, CANADA

Dan’s song THE SUN’s STILL SHINING ON ME appears in Christian Elder’s movie THE BIG MEET, Dan wrote the song and plays trumpet on it. Marcus Barone produced it and Bernadette Conant sings it.

Dan’s song for the Wayward Monks, POLYUNSATURATED, won Honorable Mention (3rd place) in the International Songwriting Competition’s Best Instrumentals category.

Two of Dan’s songs, HIDEAWAY and THE PATH MEANT FOR ME, are, as of Oct 2019, in the running for scenes in two major Hollywood films.