Wayward Monks is back

Dan has been playing with Jason Ravitz again and they’re starting to do gigs. They’ve been joined by Kevin Kriner on bass. Here is a medley of what they sound like these days — bits from (in order) Fire Dance, Flock of the Fallen, Hopalong Hannah, Not Here Not Now (LIVE), and Ragamuffin (LIVE)

Dan and Friends this Sunday, LIVE

WHAT: An acoustic afternoon with Outer Halfer Dan Zalles and friends (Outer Halfers Jen Gill and Kevin Kriner, plus Max Greenberg of the Slide Dogs)
WHERE: Chit Chat Cafe, 5 West Manor, Pacifica, CA
WHEN: This Sunday, Jan 12, 3 to 5 pm
(Dan will do a slide guitar set with Max, then a solo set of recent songs of his, then a set with Kevin and Jen)

Two new music videos

Just posted two new music videos on Youtube,

Dust  is another song off my Waiting for My Train album. 

The Weight is a cover of the great Band song. I did this for a film project. Marcus Barone produced the recording. I sing and play all the guitar parts.

These two videos are as different as the songs. The Dust video is weird, fun, and psychedelic. The Weight video is a collage of beautiful nature.

West Coast Songwriters Playlist

As a member of the West Coast Songwriters, Dan just created a Spotify playlist of some of his own songs and those of his fellow writers. Every month, there will be some updated.

Click here to check it out, and if you like it, PLEASE follow it.


Edgyometry released!

Hi All. This is Dan. I just released my EP Edgyometry – five songs, four produced by Scott Mathews, and one I produced featuring my son Ian on piano.

Click here to access a page from where you can preview the songs and link to where you can buy or stream them. The page also has FOLLOW and SHARE buttons. If you like Edgyometry, I’d so appreciate it if you could press the FOLLOW button to follow my music on Spotify, and the SHARE button to share Edgyometry with your soclal media friends. 

Click here for more about Edgyometry.