Song Survey

Hi. Over the next two months, (Jan-Feb 2021), I’ll be pitching songs to a few TV music supervisors to place in their shows. I have four songs in mind and would really appreciate your feedback on them. Two (Back in My Bubble, Living in the Long Tail) are brand new and two (Spin the World Around, Hope Love and Trust) you may have heard already.

So please listen to the songs here and answer the questions. Then, please click the link at the bottom of this page to go to the survey, on the Survey Monkey web site.

For each song, please rate how well you like it and how well you think it might work on TV. Also, there are comment boxes for thoughts and suggestions. You can probably complete the survey in a few minutes.

If you can’t listen to each song or can’t answer all the questions, please just do what you can. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

The survey is anonymous. I’m not collecting any information about who’s answering so please be as honest and candid as you can be.



Back in My Bubble:

Living in the Long Tail:

Spin the World Around:

Hope, Love and Trust:

Click this link to go to the survey: