Single “Refuge of Eternal Silence”

Introducing Refuge of Eternal Silence, the first single from Dan’s upcoming EP. (Click to watch the video). Written by Dan. Produced by Scott Mathews. Engineered by Tom Luekens. Recorded at Tiki Town Studio in Mill Valley CA. Dan plays all the guitars and trumpets, and sings all the vocals. Scott plays drums, bass, mellotron, organ, and piano. That’s Ringo Starr’s snare and Mick Fleetwood’s bass drum you’re hearing – part of Scott’s collection. Bass lovers may detect the sweet sound of Scott’s 1962 Hohner bass guitar (the same model and year that Paul McCartney played in the Beatles). See the tags for this post that present the musical influences on this song.

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2 Replies to “Single “Refuge of Eternal Silence””

  1. Hey Danny! That’s a snappy little number… it’s funny but as I listened I was thinking George Harrison melodics and a touch of “Journey to the Center of Your Mind”, then I scrolled to the bottom and saw “File under Amboy Dukes and Beatles”. Not that the Beatles was any surprise, but glad to know I haven’t completely lost my pop cultural aptitude.

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